Life Insurance Portfolio Analysis

An unbiased, detailed analysis of life insurance policies

Your life insurance policy is one of the most valuable assets you own; however life insurance is the single largest unmanaged asset in the financial services industry today. When you purchased it, certain assumptions were made about future needs, interest rates, planned premiums and other considerations … but, life changes.

Life Insurance is an asset that must be continually reviewed & managed

A comprehensive evaluation lets you know if the choices you made years ago still make sense. Most importantly, if the policy you own is the most efficient policy available today.

A Life Insurance Portfolio Analysis may:

  • Point out potential areas of concerns, underperforming policies can lapse, beneficiaries may need to be updated, etc.
  • Increase death benefit
  • Lower premiums
  • Extend coverage duration
  • Increase projected cash accumulation
  • Ensure financial strength of carrier
  • Uncover potential options available on your existing coverage

Performing an objective, consultative analysis brings insight and clarity to your existing life insurance portfolio. We can determine if your life insurance is on track, and if not, what changes are recommended to bring it up-to-date.   Call, click, or email us today to begin your free consumer insurance portfolio analysis.

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