Social Security Timing

The claiming of Social Security is one of the most important financial decision you’ll make.

As you approach retirement, how long you work and when you claim social security benefits will usually have a far greater impact on how much income you’ll have in retirement than how much you have saved and/or how much you have invested.

How old you are when you claim Social Security has a dramatic and substantial effect on the monthly benefits you and, if married, your spouse will receive. What’s at stake by claiming too soon….click below

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You can claim Social Security at any age between 62 and 70.

  • Social Security is your safety net, if at 62 you’re in poor health, can’t find a job, or providing care giving, maybe you should claim early.
  • But if you can work, you have critically important options to consider.  It’s important to think long term.  What’s at stake is nothing less than the financial well-being of you and your spouse for the rest of your lives!

Our personalized Social Security report can help you evaluate the various amounts and at what ages makes the most sense for you to consider claiming benefits.

 One common misconception:

Claim early because Social Security has money problems

Yes, Social Security has its problems.  Rest assured something will have to be done. Changing of the Full Retirement Age, Increased payroll taxes, etc. but changes will be made and revenues will be raised to continue these payments.  You have contributed, why not get the most out of the source?

Gather your most current benefit statement.  Let’s review your current situation and your needs.  We help you identify your options and we can show you ways that allow you the ability to wait and maximize the benefits you receive without stressing your lifestyle.

By having the ability to delay your claiming age you can raise your lifetime monthly benefits more than 75%.  Contact us to claim your free indepth personalized Social Security timing report.

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